Security Alarms

When a new customer asks us to fit a security alarm to their home or property is it essential that we give them the best selection based upon a number of things. We make sure that the alarm is the best quality within your budget, is suitable based upon the type of property, the location and the level of security required from the alarm. Going through this checklist ensures you are getting the best quality alarm for the best price that will do the job you really need it for, keeping you and your valuables safe.


One of the many areas that we specialise in here at Spectrum Security is the installation of wireless security systems. They cause much less disruption to install than hard-wired systems as there is no need to move flooring or furniture. The system uses battery powered sensors that communicate with the alarm control panel, meaning if any additional sensors need to be installed it is no hassle in doing so. Wireless security systems are easily portable too, whether you need to decorate your home or property, or you decide to move they can be taken with you with ease.

We now offer wireless smart alarms that are connected either to your broadband or to your mobile phone network. This means that your alarm can communicate with you whenever you are away from home, wherever you are in the world. Forgotten to set your alarm? Worry not – a smart alarm gives you the power to set your alarm remotely no matter where you are, or unset it if it has been activated accidentally. These systems can even allow you to stream live video from inside the property to your phone.

We can maintain your alarm system for you, 

highlighting faults and reducing defects, not 

only helping you to be reassured that your home

is secure, but also giving you more confidence

in making a claim should something go wrong.

Did you know that having your alarm system

regularly monitored is now a requirement of

some insurance policies?

Whether you need an alarm system installed 

at home, an office or industrial site, we have

the experience and expertise to advise on the best

system for your specific requirements.

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