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Christmas is coming and the burglars are on the lookout!

Christmas is nearly upon us, the festive spirit is everywhere so it is easy to be off guard when it comes to home security. With many people out and about Christmas shopping or at parties it the perfect time for burglar to take advantage and take those presents under the tree. Protect yourself and your gifts! We offer 4k resolution home security systems that suit all budgets. This will not only deter the intruders but if they do decide to try to break in you will have their face in full 4k detail for the police. Our alarm systems will notify you of any disturbance whether you are home or away.


Safety is our top priority

There are a number of deterrents you can add to your property that will make a burglar think twice about trying to break in. One of the best deterrents that you can purchase, and install is a video entry system. At Spectrum Security Services, we can help you to choose the perfect system at both your home and your commercial premises. These systems are especially useful in office blocks, warehouses and larger properties where multiple people are entering the building at various times of the day and night. We can even add recording options and the ability to talk via the system too.


Fixed in no time

We provide a number of services for the local community, not just locksmith services. Our boarding and glazing services are available in an emergency. If you have a smashed window, you can call our team, day or night. We will remove the glass without causing anymore damage to the frame. We can either board up the window securely, or provide a glazing service at your convenience. We have carried out multiple boarding and glazing jobs of all shapes and sizes, so no job is too big or too small.


Here when you need us

We are available 24 hours a day and 7 days a week for emergency callouts. We know that locking yourself out usually happens out of work hours, maybe after an evening out. Or you may have had your property broken into and need the locks repairing or changing straight away to make the premises secure. Our team on hand when you need us and there is no callout fee. We can normally change or mend locks with no damage to the window or door. Give us a call whenever you need us.


Don’t be alarmed about alarms!

Alarm technology is constantly improving and being updated all the time. Our team at Spectrum Security Services keep up with developments so you don’t have to. We know that you want the highest level of security for your home or premises. We offer and install a wide range of highly rated wireless alarm systems that can be operated at the touch of a button or even via your mobile. If you think our services are what you need, give us a call and we will be happy to answer any questions you may have.


Now is the time to upgrade your locks

Replacing your current locks with digital ones can give you a new level of security for your commercial or residential property. Digital locks are extremely high-quality locks that work best on large premises where many people come and leave on a daily basis. Installing these series of locks to schools, office complexes, factories or even hospitals have become very popular; you can even section parts of the premises off to either the staff or public with the touch of a button!


Forever being locked out?

Is being locked out becoming a regular occurrence? Having to wait until your partner gets home so you can finally get inside? To eliminate this problem why not speak to one of our highly experienced team in getting multiple keys cut so sitting outside your front door will be a thing of the past. This way you can have one in a key box outside the door and a few given to your surrounding neighbours. In addition, we also cut master keys too!


Having trouble with your locks?

UPVC locks have to be replaced now and again just like any other as they wear down due to their daily use. If you are beginning to have trouble with your locks our team can come out and fix them for you in no time. We will see exactly what the problem is and replace it without disturbing the fittings around it where possible. This is much cheaper not to mention much quicker as well. As always the job will be completed as quickly, no hassles, no fuss, just easy to use , secure new locks.


Roller Shutters are the way forward

Roller shutters are a very effective way of securing your commercial property when you are not there. We offer shutters which can either be controlled manually or electrically depending on your preference and budget. Our team can install all shutters in our range to both windows and doors. We often pair our roller shutters with an alarm system to ensure that if an intruder tries to enter your property the shutters will stop them and you will also be notified by the alarm.


Finding the right door entry system that suits you

Easy access to a building is one of the key aspects potential burglars look for. To stop then in their tracks why not add a tailored door entry system to your property to minimise the chances of unwanted visitors getting access. We offer both voice intercom systems for larger, higher value properties right down to key pad systems for areas that hold low value items. These systems also have the ability to stop access to certain parts of the building too! Both are quick and easy to install and even simper to use. 


Cameras catch criminals! 

CCTV systems are becoming one of the most popular ways of protecting a property as they catch criminals in the act. They act as good deterrents because as soon as a potential intruder spots them they walk away. CCTV systems are very effective when there is high value equipment and machinery located within the premises and it gives you peace of mind that everything is protected when you are not there. With technology advancing at such a rate we can now offer our customers CCTV systems that are 4K resolution!  


Choosing the right alarm for you

Our team here at Spectrum Security will ensure that you receive the right security alarm system perfectly suited to you and your property. They will consider the size of the property and the areas you want the alarm to cover. The installation process is always quick as most of our systems are now wireless, so there will be little/no disruption caused during setting it up. What's even better is you can now control the system using an app which can be downloaded to your smartphone, giving you peace of mind that you are protected at all times.  


Are you feeling the cold this winter?

With the winter seeming to last forever and the draft in your property not getting any better, now is the perfect time to install double glazing to your home. Our team have been doing this for years, so you will be warm and toasty before you know it. We offer many different double glazing window and door options for you to choose from; or alternatively we can re-glaze your existing windows. Combining this with our range is high-quality locks, you know that you and your home are safe 24/7. 


Security is our top priority

Wanting your business premises to be secure at all times? Why not use a combination of our roller shutters accompanied with our high-quality locks to ensure no one is getting into your property. We offer many different roller shutters for you to choose from, that can either be manually or electrically operated upon leaving the property. They are all extremely high-quality so will last the test of time. In addition, to guaranteed security the installation of these can actually reduce your insurance premiums; sounds too good to be true right?


Keeping you safe at all times

Did you know that CCTV systems are the most widely used piece of equipment to deter intruders? Technology is always evolving to new levels, meaning the CCTV systems we can offer you are better than ever before. We offer 4K resolution cameras which gives you the highest quality pictures and videos. The systems are extremely versatile and can be used on many different property types ensuring you and your business or home is safe at all times


Take it from our customers

We can talk about how good our team is and how many year's experience we have under our belts, but we know hearing from our previous customers is much better. Our team pride themselves on finishing each and every job, so the customer is 100% satisfied with the outcome. To ensure we continue to do this we ask customers for their much appreciated feedback; you are more than welcome to head over to our page titled 'Testimonials' to see the feedback for yourself.


Protecting your valuables

With the number of domestic burglaries steadily on the rise now is the best time for you to install that much needed safe, so you do not have to worry about your most valuable items being stolen. Our team offer a vast range of safes and offer installation too! We supply larger, heavy duty safes to commercial properties down to small safes that can be concealed in walls or under flooring. We have something to suitable for everyone, for both commercial a residential properties.’ expectations.


Keeping those burglars away

By now 80% of us have failed to keep to our new year’s resolutions, but if yours was to add more security in and around your property why not start now? Our team fit a wide range of security cameras including 4K resolution and top of the range security alarms making your property untouchable to burglars. All installations are carried out quickly and swiftly, always exceeding our customers’ expectations.


Stormy weather ahead

With the stormy weather not seeming like it is going to let up anytime soon it is important that your house is safe at all times. With trees and branches falling frequently and damaging windows it is very important that they are boarded up to prevent further damage to both the outside and the inside of the property. Our team has a 24-hour call our service so the damage will be repaired in no time.


Protect your gadgets at all times!

With technology advancing by the day the latest gadgets have a habit of finding their way into our homes. This is all well and good, but this makes your property more of a target for burglaries; to prevent this our team can install a number of security measures to ensure your valuables are safe at all times. We can install CCTV systems, fit deadlocks to any windows or doors that could easily be accessed or fit security alarms around the premises. All systems can be tailored to your needs as well as your budget.


Time to change the locks

Locks of any kind wear down over time due to constant use or being exposed to mother nature; so now is the best time to get those window locks that have been sticking for far too long, changed. Many think it is an easy fix but end up adding to the existing damage. Please don’t try yourself, call our friendly staff today and they will replace all damaged or broken locks, leaving everything looking as good as new.


Happy New Year!

With Christmas over and all those new high-tech gadgets in your home it is prime time for burglars to prey on your property. Our team can install deadlocks to any windows and doors to stop anyone forcing an entry, or we can fit security cameras with 4K resolution, so your home is protected 24-hours a day, whether you are at the property or not. For more information please take a further look around our website or call 01206 793915.


Alarm options available to you

There are many precautions that you are able to put in place to protect your home from intruders, one of which are security alarms. An alarm will immediately let you know that someone has entered the premises; many of these alarms will give you a notification via your mobile phone is this happens. To work alongside these high-tech alarms we advise you to have a few lights on timers or leave the radio on if no-one is at the premises to deter any potential burglars.


 Damaged frame? Not to worry

During the winter months it has been proven that the likelihood of being burgled increases, even so 54% of people do not have a security alarm or any form of monitored protection. There are simple ways of mitigating the risk by locking windows and doors or leaving a light or radio on a timer, so it looks like someone is home. However, to add that extra bit of security our team can install a wide range of security alarms; some of which can be controlled by your phone. You will receive a notification as soon as someone approaches and enters the premises.


 Make your home as safe as possible!

During the winter months it has been proven that the likelihood of being burgled increases, even so 54% of people do not have a security alarm or any form of monitored protection. There are simple ways of mitigating the risk by locking windows and doors or leaving a light or radio on a timer, so it looks like someone is home. However, to add that extra bit of security our team can install a wide range of security alarms; some of which can be controlled by your phone. You will receive a notification as soon as someone approaches and enters the premises.


 Protect yourself from Burglaries

With the evenings rolling in earlier and dark setting in sooner the autumn and winter months are the perfect time for burglaries to occur. Our team here at Spectrum Security can install deadlocks to all window and door frames to make sure you are protected at all times. We can also remove and replace existing window and door fames that have been worn down over time making it harder to break into your home of a dark evening. All jobs are carried out to the highest standard; you won’t even know our team have been there.   They come is a variety of colours too!


 Grilles are the way to go!

Many shy away from having additional security on their commercial properties as they think it looks too obtrusive. However, choosing the right grilles may actually increase the kerbside appeal. As well as being more aesthetically pleasing, they are very cost effective as potentially reducing insurance premium by adding another layer of security. They are very versatile so you can put them almost anywhere, ensuring your property is safe from thieves at all times.  They come is a variety of colours too!


 Make Sure You Are Prepared.

Although fires occur very seldom when they do, they cause enough damage to shut your business for a while putting livelihoods at risk. So to ensure you can be back on your feet quicker why not install fire shutters to your commercial property? The shutters stop the fire from spreading any further, preventing more damage being caused. The shutters automatically activate when they detect a fire or even smoke nearby and can contain a fire for up to 4 hours! After all it is better to be safe than sorry.  



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CCTV Systems

All our CCTV systems are professionally installed by our trained and qualified team. If you are not sure of the type of system you need we can advise what is available to best fit your requirements and the layout of your property. 


For a superb CCTV system to watch over your property, call the experts at Spectrum Security on 01206 793915 or complete our enquiry form and we will get back to you soon. 

Security Alarms

Looking for a reliable alarm to secure your property? We have a wide range of security alarm systems which protect and secure all kinds of properties both domestic and commercial. 


Our team can advise the type of system would best suit your needs. Call us today on 01206 793915 for professional advice and a free, no obligation quote!