CCTV Systems

The use of CCTV has increased dramatically since the 1980s due to its versatility and proven track record in deterring theft and damage. Today’s modern CCTV systems have little in common with those used 20 to 30 years ago. 

Today, CCTV comes in a variety of specifications including HD and even 4K, providing the clearest, crisp images, 24 hours a day. CCTV can provide you with a complete security network covering your home or business. Our systems can be installed wirelessly or cabled, and can be accessed remotely so you can check on your property even when away from home or on holiday.

Installing CCTV on your premises can not only deter would be thieves, but can also reduce high insurance premiums by providing an extra layer of security. Insurance companies recognise the extra lengths to maintain the property boundary.

On commercial premises CCTV can provide crucial evidence if any incident or dispute occurs, and staff can feel safe and secure whilst at work too.

Being unsure of the type of CCTV needed at your place of work or home is a common query asked by customers at Spectrum Security. We therefore offer a no obligation quote and will discuss the best CCTV available to you based upon your location, the type of premises the equipment is needed on, the areas in which you wish to be monitored and what you as a customer want to get from the CCTV installed. 

You may wish to observe the activity on a commercial site or to check the garden or grounds around your home. Our services also include repair work or maintenance for existing or faulty systems.


Spectrum has expert knowledge and skills covering the installation, maintenance and repair of various CCTV systems including:

CCD cameras

Dome cameras

External cameras

Hidden cameras

Infrared cameras

Pan and tilt cameras