CCTV Systems




Many CCTV systems insist on your video being stored on a subscription basis in the cloud. This subscription can really mount up over years of use.


Once your system is paid for with Spectrum Security Services, it is 100% yours with no compulsory further subscription costs.


This system is suitable for domestic properties and small commercial properties like shops and small industrial units.


CCTV System

Onsite survey to decipher the best set up and camera orientation for your property

2 Hikvision HD cameras and DVR system networked to your smart phone and / or laptop supplied, fitted and configured

2 months of continuous recording before over writing

From £98pcm for 12 months*


If you have questions or would like to book your install while we have stock, please call now on 01206 793915 or 07702 678401


*All prices are subject to survey. Prices are subject to terms and conditions. Based on a 1 year payment schedule and after the customer owns the system.

At Spectrum Security Services, we install a wide range of CCTV systems from top brand names that don’t cost the earth. Our CCTV systems can be used in all properties, both domestic and commercial. Each of the systems we install can be designed to your own specification, ensuring every angle is covered. CCTV can come in 4K resolution, or HD quality, giving you the clearest picture on the market. Call us to get a quote today.  


Did you know that you can install an app onto your smartphone that can control your CCTV system? Some also allow you to see the footage that is being recorded at that point in time; this shows you that your home is safe 24/7.


Having CCTV systems installed to your commercial or residential properties can reduce your insurance premiums as the providers see it as an extra measure in preventing burglars. CCTV can cover as many areas as you need to ensure every inch of the premises is covered.

If an intruder were to get into your commercial premises the CCTV images can be vital in catching the culprit; in many cases it makes those inside the building safer as well knowing the extra protection is there.

Many of our customers come to us unsure of the CCTV system that would be best suited to them, so that is why we offer a no obligation quote to fix this. Our highly skilled team will take into account your budget, what areas you would like to be covered, the objects located within the property and where abouts the property is located. This quote allows our team to select the right system for you so when we walk away from the job the customer is 100% satisfied with the outcome.

The need to check on your home or property while you are not there is one of the main requests we have for CCTV enquries. At Spectrum Security we can make this happen and even amend your current system or provide a replacement if needed.  


Spectrum has expert knowledge and skills covering the installation, maintenance and repair of various CCTV systems including:

CCD cameras

Dome cameras

External cameras

Hidden cameras

Infrared cameras

Pan and tilt cameras